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The Fee Structure for the new classes of Licences are indicated in the two groups below. This took effect in January 2007 and is currently in effect.

Class License



Fee (₦)

1. Sales & Installation of Terminal Equipment
  • Including Mobile Cellular Phones & HF/VHF/UHF Radio
  • (Including Fixed Telephone sets, Modem, Cordless phones, Fax machines And PABX and switches not exceeding 30-Line capacity)
One-Off 10,000
2. Repairs & Maintenance of Telecom Facilities
  • Category A-For an individual technician operating small workshop
  • Category B-For companies operating small & medium workshop
  • Category C-For companies operating comprehensive workshop
One-Off 10,000
3. Cabling
  • Category A-For an individual technician (cabling within premises only)
  • Category B-For companies (cabling within premises and/or estate)
  • Category C-For companies (including underground cabling)
One-Off 10,000
4. Tele-Centre/Cyber Café
  • Commercial Telephone call centre only.
    • In Urban areas
    • In Rural areas
  • Commercial Telephone call plus retail Internet services Category A-For an individual technician (cabling within premises only)
One-Off 10,000
5. Public Payphone One-Off 10,000

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