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The Fee Structure for the new classes of Licences are indicated in the two groups below. This took effect in January 2007 and is currently in effect.

Class License

Services Validity Fee (N)
1. Sales & Installation of Terminal Equipment
  • Including Mobile Cellular Phones & HF/VHF/UHF Radio
  • (Including Fixed Telephone sets, Modem, Cordless phones, Fax machines And PABX and switches not exceeding 30-Line capacity)
One-Off 10,000
2. Repairs & Maintenance of Telecom Facilities
  • Category A-For an individual technician operating small workshop
  • Category B-For companies operating small & medium workshop
  • Category C-For companies operating comprehensive workshop
One-Off 10,000
3. Cabling
  • Category A-For an individual technician (cabling within premises only)
  • Category B-For companies (cabling within premises and/or estate)
  • Category C-For companies (including underground cabling)
One-Off 10,000
4. Tele-Centre/Cyber Café
  • Commercial Telephone call centre only.
    • In Urban areas
    • In Rural areas
  • Commercial Telephone call plus retail Internet services Category A-For an individual technician (cabling within premises only)
One-Off 10,000
5. Public Payphone One-Off 10,000

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