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The following describes the procedure and requirements toward applying for a license in both the Class and Individual categories from the Nigerian Communications Commission.

  • An Individual Licence is a type of authorization in which the terms, conditions and obligations, scope and limitations are specific to the service being provided. Process of licensing can take the form of Auction, "First Come First Served", "Beauty Contest" or a standard administrative procedure, etc.
  • A Class Licence is a type of general authorization in which the terms and conditions/obligations are common to all license holders. Requires only registration with the Commission for applicants to commence operation.

Individual License

Individual License Application Requirements

  • Download an pdf Individual License Application Form (342.28 kB)
  • Make payment (see below) of One Thousand Naira (N1,000.00) Only to the Nigerian Communications Commission.
  • Fill the form and produce two (2) copies of the form,
  • Also attach copies of the following relevant documents:
    1. Certificate of Incorporation.
    2. Tax Clearance Certificate.
    3. Certified True Copy (CTC) of Articles & Memorandum of Association.
    4. Certified True Copy (CTC) of Form CO7 (List of Company’s Directors).
    5. Feasibility report of proposed service applied for (where applicable).
    6. Three (3) Passport photographs of authorized representative.
    7. Passport photographs of Directors of the company.
    8. Certified True Copy (CTC) of Company’s registered address.
  • Applications should be submitted in triplicate with all necessary documents attached, all spiral bound.
  • Enquiries should be made from the Commission for the appropriate amount before payment.
  • On submission of the form, a non-refundable administrative charge, which is 5% of the relevant license fee would be paid.
  • License fee is payable on approval of application.


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