Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Report
(Quarter 2 - 2016)

  1. Commission Directs Visafone Communications Limited To Switch Off CDMA Signal In The 800MHz Band

    Following a spectrum monitoring exercise conducted by the Commission, it was discovered that Visafone Communications Limited was operating in the 800 MHz band thereby causing interference to Smile Communications Limited.

    Consequently the Commission directed Visafone Communications Limited to switch off all CDMA signal in the 800 MHz band entering into Ikeja, Lagos area. This directive was monitored and compliance confirmed accordingly.

  2. Commission Recovers Outstanding Payment From Layer 3 Limited

    Layer 3 Limited, one of the internet service and metropolitan fibre optic network operators with outstanding financial obligations in the sum of N34, 066,537.28 (Thirty-four Million, Sixty-six Thousand, Five Hundred and Thirty- seven Naira, Twenty-eight kobo) being Annual Operating Levy (AOL) due to the Commission was directed to make full payment during the period as a precondition for renewal of its expired licence.

  3. Compliance Monitoring Exercise Of Automated Vehicular Tracking Service (AVTS) Licensees

    During the quarter, the Commission conducted a compliance monitoring exercise on Automated Vehicular Tracking Service (AVTS) Licensees.

    Given the peculiar security issues associated with the provision of vehicle tracking services and given concerns of increasing activities of illegal operators in this market segment it became most imperative that a comprehensive compliance monitoring checks is done.

    Our monitoring checks centered on the following areas: .

    1. Registration of SIM Cards used for the Automatic Vehicle Tracking Services (AVTS) consistent with the provisions of the NCC Telephone Subscribers Registration Regulation 2011.
    2. The prevalence of unauthorized/illegal operations in the AVTS segment of the market;
    3. Appropriate pricing or tariff for AVT Services in Nigerian market to ensure that service providers get adequate returns for their investment and guarantee the sustainability of this market;
    4. Delays in obtaining security clearance from the Directorate of State Security Services (SSS) as a prerequisite for licensing of AVTS operators;
    5. Competition within the AVT Services especially given the activities of Mobile networks operators (MNO) who appear interested in both the upstream and downstream segment of the market;
    6. Emerging services from technological advancement in mechatronics engineering etc.
  4. Audit Of Operators Networks To Monitor Compliance With Mobile Number Portability (MNP) Business Rules

    Pursuant to the Commission's goal of sustaining the integrity of the Mobile Number Portability Scheme in the country, the Commission has continued to monitor the porting process with a view to ensuring strict adherence to the MNP Regulation 2014 in addition to the business rules. To this end, a system audit of operator's MNP Platform and Short Message Service Center (SMSC) was carried out during the period.

    In Quarter 2 2016, this exercise focused attention on reviewing all rejected port requests by the Donor within the period to ensure that these rejections were made for valid reasons consistent with the MNP Business Rules.

  5. Commission Mandates Mobile Network Operators To Implement ''Do Not Disturb'' DND Facility On Their Networks Using An Opt-In Code 2442

    Following the avalanche of complaints from telecoms Subscribers on the menace of unsolicited text messages and nuisance calls from mobile network operators in the industry, the Commission issued a Direction to all Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) on 19th April, 2016 to dedicate short code 2442 on their networks for use by subscribers to opt-in to the ''Do Not Disturb'' database restricting unsolicited marketing messages (Voice and SMS) on their mobile lines.

    All mobile network operators (MNO) have been directed to ensure full compliance to the above direction by 1st July, 2016 otherwise risk a fine of N5,000,000.00 (Five Million Naira) only.

    The Compliance Monitoring & Enforcement Department has drawn a monitoring plan and held series of engagement sessions with critical stakeholders to ensure hitch-free implementation and full compliance with this important regulation.

  6. Meeting Of The Industry Working Group (IWG) On Multiple Taxations And Regulations In The Nigerian Telecoms Industry

    As part of the strategy to address the issues of multiple taxations and regulations in the Nigerian telecommunications industry, the Commission had facilitated the establishment of the Industry Working Group (IWG) on multiple taxations/regulations.

    The Commission hosted a successful IWG meeting on April 7, 2016 which was chaired by the Executive Vice Chairman, Professor Umar Garba Danbatta. Also in attendance were Managing Directors/Chief Executives of telecom operating companies and top management.

    A key highlight of the meeting was the presentation of the proposed Alternative Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the Nigerian Telecommunications industry presented by Emerging Markets Telecommunication Service (EMTS). There has been a general concern in the industry that the current EIA process affects the fast deployment of telecommunications infrastructure required for good quality of service in the country. At the end of the meeting, it was agreed that all other operators should review the proposal and forward their comments to the Commission.

    In the same vein, the Commission has set up a regulatory intervention team that would at very short notice, intervene and engage other government agencies with a view to resolving urgent cases and threats to critical telecoms infrastructure across the country.