Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is essential for the Nigerian Communications Commission to continue to advance its vision, mission, goals and objectives.

As technology changes, how individuals and organizations work, gather information and initiate transactions necessary to perform daily activities and functions will also undergo changes. The Commission needs to maintain its technological position as ICT evolves, thus the role and functions of the Information Technology Department to ensure that the Commission continues to employ the best in ICT tools to enhance productivity and efficiency and thereby remain Africa’s pre-eminent telecommunications regulatory organization.

The Information Technology (IT) Department of the Nigerian Communications Commission will work with the various Directorate, Departments / Units to provide necessary support and required ICT infrastructure and tools for staff to carry out their day to day function with the ultimate aim of ensuring that the Commission’s goals and objectives are achieved.

The IT Department comprises of four (4) Units which are:


Fourth (4th) Floor,
Nigerian Communications Commission Headquarters,
Plot 423 Aguiyi Ironsi Street,
Maitama, Abuja.

Engr. Yahaya H. Abubakar
Tel: 09-4617210; 09-4617000
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


To provide the necessary and required ICT Infrastructure and Tools for the support of the Commission’s Goals and Objectives in the most cost-effective, efficient and innovative manner.


To leverage ICT to streamline the operation of the Nigerian Communications Commission as the foremost telecommunications regulator in Africa.


The Department’s customers are the various Directorates, Departments, Units and Individuals within the Commission.


  1. Define appropriate ICT standards and deploy appropriate ICT tools for use across the Commission.
  2. Deploy a uniform ICT environment across the Commission’s Offices.
  3. Provide and administer secure and reliable connectivity and network infrastructure.
  4. Provide ready access to ICT applications, information and tools for information dissemination, exchange and collaboration.
  5. Provide and administer a robust e-mail system that is easy to use and enable e-mail Web Access to allow mobile staff to access their official emails via the Internet.
  6. Implement collaborative project platforms i.e. Share Portal Server System, that will be accessible across the Commission’s Offices.
  7. Put in place necessary Document / Content Management Facility.
  8. Put in place the required Information System tools for decision making and executive reports.
  9. Consolidate ICT tools and support facilities as at when appropriate. This is to ensure that complexity is reduced, and that the number of separate ICT facilities deployed are minimized.
  10. Provide appropriate Storage Facility for Data Warehousing.
  11. Empower users by providing them with the required user training, easy to use systems and uniform online interfaces across the Commission’s offices.


In discharging the above services, the Department is committed to attending to the needs of its customers promptly and courteously with appropriate consideration given to the specific requirements of its customers to enable them perform their duties most efficiently.

The Department shall ensure that its functions shall be discharged in accord with the Commission’s core values of integrity, excellence, professionalism, responsiveness and innovation.


The Department shall, regularly on a quarterly and yearly basis publish reports of its activities by its various sub-units and staff, and carry out regular surveys and inspections to ensure that the ICT needs of the Commission’s various departments are identified and addressed as expeditiously as possible.


In the event of service failure, customers are enjoined to seek redress by visiting, calling, writing or preferably sending an e-mail to the IT Department SERVICOM Nodal Officer, whose details are given below;

Ms. Gladys Okeibunor,
Nigerian Communications Commission Headquarters,
Plot 423 Aguiyi Ironsi Street,
Maitama, Abuja.
Tel: 09-4617211; 09-4617000
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Customers who require information or services of the Department are required to;

The Department expects that it will continue to enjoy the support of Management and that its requests for new ICT tools and projects would continue to be treated in a timely and accurate fashion.


Based on feedback received and consultations with all stakeholders, this Charter will be periodically reviewed to ensure its continued relevance and validity.


The Department is poised to work with the various Directorates, Secretariats, Departments, Units of the Commission towards the achievement of the goals and objectives of the Nigerian Communications Commission.