Created in December 2016, the Research and Development (R&D) Department will focus on these vital areas listed as follows:

The telecommunications industry is a very dynamic sector throwing up new technologies, new opportunities and new challenges all in a mix but converging to create a new socio-political and economic environment appropriating all the nuances and benefits of modern technology.

The Commission through its regulatory process is to superintend the development and growth of the sector through licensing processes and other regulatory measures.

The NCC will foster these developments in terms of regulating the ways and means by which these services are provided by its licenced telecoms operators. The creation of the Research and Development Department is a welcome development that the NCC recognizes its successes as a regulator and is, therefore, determined to continue playing a leadership role in a holistic manner that will aggregate the strength, skills and intellect of relevant strata of society in a supported process that will foster the growth of the telecommunications industry while enhancing the adaptive use of the sector by the society.

The R & D Department currently has two (2) Units, namely, Academia Research Support (ARS) Unit and Emerging Technologies Research (ETR) Unit



Third (3rd) Floor,
Nigerian Communications Commission Annex Building,
Plot 1253 Cadastral Zone C06,
Mbora District
Abuja, FCT.
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Dr. Henry Nkemadu
09-4617000; 09-4618126
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To conduct cutting edge research that fosters the better understanding of trends in the Telecommunications industry, and provide information/data to support the development of strategies, standards and guidelines that will position the Commission as a world class Communications regulatory agency.

We will achieve this by;

  1. Carrying out research into emerging technologies; and
  2. Championing telecommunications-based innovations that provide life changing solutions to societal challenges.



  1. Conduct research on emerging Telecoms Technologies.
  2. Initiate technical research proposals in collaboration with relevant Departments in the Commission.
  3. Provide informed advice to Management based on technical research output.
  4. Review research proposals from the academia and engage with the inter-agency committee to choose research proposals that have potential to develop the industry.
  5. Monitor the implementation of approved research proposals from the academia.
  6. Promote partnership with the academia in the area of telecoms-based research to develop the telecoms industry.
  7. Facilitate collaboration with the inter-agency committee of evaluators for the realization of approved research projects to prototype.
  8. Produce periodic operational reports on technical research in the industry.
  9. Publish periodic technical research reports on the Nigerian ICT sector.
  10. Relate with relevant stakeholders e.g. NASENI, NOTAP, etc. to promote telecoms based research.
  11. Encourage effective research and development efforts by all Communication industry practitioners.
  12. Propose grants for developing of approved research projects to prototype.
  13. Undertake research into emerging technologies and publish in relevant journals.
  14. Create an interactive platform for stakeholder engagement on telecom-based research to develop the telecoms industry.
  15. Engage other stakeholders in the ICT sector, Government agencies, private sector, Telco’s on ICT research and policy development.
  16. Encourage interaction between the organized private sector, specialized institutions and the academia to promote telecoms-based research from proof of concept to prototype, reverse-engineering and direct private sector investment for commercial production
  17. Carry out in-house desktop research works on industry schemes and emerging trends in telecom related services
  18. To develop ICT an encourage Emerging Technologies/ Innovations with the use of local content by providing possible support to some identified Technology Hubs and start-ups in Nigeria
  19. To develop concept notes on emerging trends in the industry for consultancy studies
  20. Any other role that will encourage local development of ICT devices/equipment.





The Research and Development Department engages with relevant Stakeholders to leverage on technology to grow the Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship culture in Nigeria. The various forms of Stakeholder Engagement employed include Meetings, Workshops, Fora, Committees, Collaboration and one-on-one discussions.





The ARS unit activities include:

  1. Professorial Chairs with Universities
  2. Telecom based Research Grants and Monitoring
  3. Regional Round table with Academia
  4. Annual stakeholders Consultative Forum
  5. Conduct Focused meetings with Academia

ETR Unit activities include:

  1. Emerging Technologies Research and ICT Innovation issues;
  2. Annual National Innovation Competition/ Exhibitions
  3. Desktop Research on Emerging Telecom related topics



Stakeholders are enjoined to seek redress by submitting their feedback in writing to the following Officer:

Nnukwu Munachim
Research and Development Department,
Nigerian Communications Commission,
Plot 1253 Cadastral Zone C06,
Mbora District, Abuja.
Tel: 09-4618134; 09-4617000
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