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The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) hereby invites all affected and interested parties as well as the general public to a Stakeholder Consultation on the establishment of an Internet Industry Code of Practice.

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Thank you for this laudable initiative, it will bring about the much desired sanity in the industry.

I am particularly concerned with children's access to undesired sites, how can these sites be restricted at source and how can defaulters be panalised?

  1. Babagana Digima

I have two proposals 1 regarding protection of minors and 2 regarding posting of insults/violent/derogatory comments by internet users.

Suggested solution to protection of minors is to for Operators to tag SIMs/IMSIs registered to minors with MINOR tag such that some websites/contents are automatically barred from reaching such SIM/IMSI.

Secondly, We should mandate all websites/webpages hosted or belonging to Nigerian company's such as newspapers, blogs, chat groups etc. to always capture the user names, IP addresses and Phone numbers (where applicable) for individuals posting messages or comments and make it readily available for law enforcement in cases where such users continue to encourage violence, threats and derogatory statements/remarks on public forums. Those websites should also display warnings as such to discourage the perpetrators of such acts.

  1. Tina Adem

The Internet Industry Code of Practice is a welcome idea because some issues like unsolicited messages are very disturbing. Also, the safety of the Child Online should be guaranteed, the web is very vast and children go to web for their academic works, games etc.

  1. Moradeyo Kayode Onamusi

Impressive initiative!

Control of Internet access by minors and vulnerable audiences in Nigeria is imperative because the Internet is filled with a lot of information that could have even worse implications on Nigerians that are already demoralized by the current economic situation.

The other thing is the need to control and regulate media communications that portray the news by publicly issuing licenses to qualified media companies and sanctioning them accordingly whenever they broadcast misleading information that cause no promote negativity in the minds of Nigerians.


Contribution to the Stakeholder Consultation on the Establishment of Internet Industry Code of Practice(ATTACHED)

Submitted by: Engr. Kunle Olorundare,

Technical Standards and Network Integrity,
Nigerian Communications Commission.

  1. Taiye Suleiman

There are Scammers and hackers around, and a lot of Nigerian populace are not internet literate to isolate phishing sites, clone sites etc , I want to draw the code attention to this important aspect and hope the code will address this as a lot of predators abound the internet trying to defraud people of their hard earn money.

  1. Tunde Okunoye

The Executive Vice-Chairman,
The Nigerian Communications Commission.

Please find attached Paradigm Initiative's submission to the NCC's consultation on the establishment of an Internet industry code of practice.



We wish to thank the NCC for the open and engaging process of seeking comments for a code of conduct for the internet industry in Nigeria. Beyond a general overview, we have laid down core principles and key practices, as well as some policy considerations. It is our hope that the submissions made jointly by the A4AI Nigeria Coalition and the Web Foundation will help to deliver a strong, open internet in Nigeria — a neutral, free and open platform for collaboration, innovation and progress. Doing so will bring untold socio-economic benefit to all citizens. We believe that Nigeria is well positioned to be a good example to other other countries in showing how to balance the challenges of network investment with openness, while allowing citizens to benefit from the full power and potential of the internet. Attached is our submission.

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