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Public Notices

The following are the Public Notices issued by the Nigerian Communications Commission. By the publication of these notices in print, broadcast or online, the Commission seeks to inform the public of developments and upcoming actions relating to its activites and the Nigerian telecommunications industry.

In line with the express objective of the National Broadband Plan and the mandate of the Commission to promote an effective and efficient framework for the assignment of available spectrum, a stakeholders’ forum to deliberate on the licensing of the 2.6GHz frequency spectrum band is being organized by the Commission.

The details of the forum are as follows;

VENUE: Sheraton Hotel Lagos
DATE: October 17, 2016
TIME: 11:00am

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), in collaboration with Nigerian Research and Education Network (NgREN) is hosting two AFRINIC Training Workshops on IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) and INRM (Internet Number Resource Management) respectively.

The IPv6 Workshop: Provides knowledge and skills for planning and implementing IPv6 networks. See course details at;

The Nigerian Communications Commission, on September 16, 2016 reviewed the termination rate for international inbound traffic from N3.90/min to N24.40/min. The interim rate will subsist pending the conclusion of the study of the Determination of Cost Based Pricing for Mobile Voice Termination Rates.


Intention to Commence Selection of Infrastructure Companies (INFRACOS) for Open Access Model Deployment of Optic Fibre Broadband Network


The Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria, announces its intention to commence Phase 2 – license of INFRACOS for North-East, North-West, South-South, South-West and South East zones. The INFRACOS will deploy metropolitan fibre infrastructure within its assigned territory on an open access, non-discriminatory, price regulated basis.

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International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Telecom World 2016 is the global platform to accelerate Information and Communication Technology (ICT) innovations for social and economic development where policy makers and regulators meet industry experts, investors, SMEs, entrepreneurs and innovators.