Saturday June 10, 2023

The Nigerian Communications Commission is the Independent National Regulatory Authority for the telecommunications Industry in Nigeria. The Commission is responsible for creating an enabling environment for competition among operators in the Industry as well as ensuring the provision of qualitative and efficient telecommunications services throughout the Country.

Pursuant to the NCA 2003, Licensing Regulation 2019, and other subsidiary Regulations, the Commission has created an enabling environment where various players provide diverse services based on licenses issued by the Commission.

In its drive to create an enabling environment, the Commission hereby introduces Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) License that will generate employment and bridge the gap between the unserved and the Underserved in Society. It will also further engender competition and provide choices for telecommunication consumers.

The MVNO license is a Five (5) Tier classification that has distinctive services to be offered by the players in different tiers as listed below:

  • Tier 1 is a Virtual Operator
  • Tier 2 is a Simple Facilities Operator
  • Tier 3 is a Core Facilities Operator
  • Tier 4 is a Virtual Aggregator/ Enabler
  • Tier 5 is the Unified Virtual Operator

Please note that Tier 1-4 entrants are expected to pay 5% of the License fee as non- refundable administrative charges, while tier 5 entrants are to pay Fifty Million Naira (N50, 000,000.00) non-refundable administrative fees prior to negotiations with the MNOs.

  • Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are not eligible to apply for the MVNO license
  • One unique competent technical partner per Applicant
  • License Application Form can be downloaded from the Commission’s website, fill and return.
  • Local Content Policy will be observed
  • You may refer to the MVNO Framework published on the Commission’s website for guidance on the fee structure, the scope of operation, and other requirements.
  • Should you require any clarification, contact the Director, Licensing and Authorization Department of the Commission on email address:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please note that submission of application by prospective MVNO licensees shall be within Thirty (30) Days from the date of this publication. All applications submitted after the deadline will not be entertained.