Wednesday February 28, 2024

The Nigerian Communications Commission's organisational structure is comprised of twenty two (22) departments.

The Executive Vice Chairman (EVC) is the Chief Executive Officer of the Commission, and the most senior executive member of the Board of Commissioners. The office is reported to by the two Executive Commissioners and directly supervises eight (8) departments.

The Executive Commisioner - Technical Services (ECTS) directly supervises the six (6) departments charged with the addressing of technical standards, emerging technologies, information security, and the spectrum and engineering issues concerning the Nigerian telecommunications industry. The office is also in charge of the ICT infrastructure of the Commission.

The Executive Commissioner - Stakeholder Management (ECSM) directly supervises the five (5) departments responsible for addressing the needs of telecommunications industry stakeholders including vendors, service providers and consumers.

The Board of Commissioners, of which the EVC and the two Executive Commisioners are members, has oversight functions over all of the Commission's activities. It is directly reported to by the Commission Secretariat and is charged with the governance of the Nigerian Communications Commission.


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