Sunday March 26, 2023

Public Notices

The following are the Public Notices issued by the Nigerian Communications Commission. By the publication of these notices in print, broadcast or online, the Commission seeks to inform the public of developments and upcoming actions relating to its activites and the Nigerian telecommunications industry.

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) in exercise of its functions as enshrined in the Nigeria Communication ACT NCA-2003, do hereby inform interested parties as follows:

1.   The Nigerian Communications Commission wishes to bring to the notice of the General Public of the availability of Frequency Slots in the 600MHz Spectrum band for Administrative Assignment.

2.   The available slots in the 600 MHz Spectrum band with Bandwidth and Licensing areas are listed in table below:

The Nigerian Communications Commission, the Regulator of the telecommunications industry in Nigeria, supports amongst other things, telecommunications-based innovations and research from tertiary institutions in the country that are practical, locally realizable and have clear potential of developing the telecommunications industry.

Pursuant to this objective the Commission invites proposals from academics in tertiary institutions to submit research proposal in any of the research topics stated below. It is envisaged that the initiative will help build capacity in the tertiary institutions and promote Nigeria’s contribution to the pool of technologies in use in the communications industry.

Following public consultations and stakeholder engagement, the Nigerian Communications Commission in the exercise of its functions under the Nigerian Communications Act 2003 (the Act) has published the  pdf Information Memorandum (IM) (1.89 MB) - (Final Version) for its upcoming auction of the remaining lots of 2 x 100MHz in the 3.5GHz spectrum band to support 5G deployment in Nigeria.

Further to the publication of the   pdf Draft Information Memorandum (IM) (2.01 MB) on the remaining two (2) lots of 100MHz in the 3.5GHz spectrum band for 5G services, a stakeholder's engagement will take place as follows;

Venue: Mariott Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos
Date: November 15, 2022
Time: 09:00am Prompt
Online: Virtual Meeting (Microsoft Teams)

The Nigerian Communications Commission hereby announces a Stakeholders' Engagement forum on the   pdf Draft Information Memorandum (IM) (2.01 MB) for its upcoming auction of the the remaining lots of 2 x 100MHz in the 3.5GHz spectrum band, to take place on November 15, 2022 at the Mariott Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos.