The Federal Republic of Nigeria

Public Notices

The following are the Public Notices issued by the Nigerian Communications Commission. By the publication of these notices in print, broadcast or online, the Commission seeks to inform the public of developments and upcoming actions relating to its activites and the Nigerian telecommunications industry.

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) hereby informs all stakeholders that our e-Services Portal at will be temporarily offline from 9:00pm West African Time, Friday 11 December, 2020 and is scheduled to be back online by 8:00am West African Time, Monday 14 December, 2020 due to a scheduled system maintenance.

The NCC apologises for any inconvenience.

The Nigerian Communications Commission has determined to introduce Mobile Virtual Network Operator’s services within the telecommunications market of the country. In pursuit of this, the Commission wishes to obtain comments from industry stakeholders and the general public on key considerations, which will be used to formulate a sustainable and efficient MVNO licensing framework, as well as a highly conducive regulatory regime that facilitates growth and development in the telecoms space, through competitive and differentiated services offered by these virtual operators.

The Draft consultation paper is found at the link below;
  pdf Draft Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) Licence Framework (521 KB)

This consultation paper is in line with processes stipulated in the consultation guidelines put forward by the Commission in 2007. All comments received shall be considered before making a final decision, although the commission may decline to use or consider anonymous responses. Comments and responses submitted are deemed independent from its respondent’s relationship with the Commission.

The Consultation period for this determination has been decided as 21 days after the date of upload to the public space. Upon closure of this period, the Commission will engage in deliberation sessions in an expedited manner to finalize its decisions about MVNO introduction in the market. A consultation report will then be generated and published to the public for consumption and awareness of the Commissions decisions.

Below is the format on which the respondent shall structure their comments:

  1. Name of respondent.
  2. Respondent’s details and information (Either representative of an organization or company, operator or service provider or personal).
  3. A statement that the response should or should not be published by the Commission for purposes of consultation.
  4. Signature (provided that in the case of electronic submissions, an electronic signature should be used).
  5. Position or rank of the signatory (for organisations).
  6. The response should represent the view of the organization represented or individual.

Respondents should submit their comments via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Nigerian Communications Commission wishes to inform all stakeholders of the New Pricing Regime for National Numbering & Short Codes, which eliminates the "gliding path" for the yearly renewal of long numbers and establishes new fees for short codes, which shall take effect from January 1, 2021.

Please click the link below to see the new pricing regime on the National Numbering page.
   New Pricing Regime for National Numbering & Short Codes

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) is mandated to encourage effective research and development efforts by the Academia and other practitioners in the communications’ industry, with the goal of building the indigenous capacity of manufacturers and improving the overall supply chain, within the Nigerian economy.

The Nigerian Communications Commission in exercise of its functions under the Nigerian Communications Act 2003 (the Act) published the following draft regulatory instruments on its website for stakeholders’ comments.