Tuesday November 29, 2022

The NCC has over the years licensed many ISPs but findings show that not all are still in business. Internet Service Providers in the Nigerian telecommunications industry have been struggling to stay afloat due to challenges confronting their market to remain in business, expand operations and post profit after every financial year. As ISPs serve as the gateway to the internet and a digitized world, it is imperative to understand the reason for their demise as it has impact on the digitization agenda of Nigeria.

The objectives of this study are; to examine the challenges facing Internet Service Providers and their survivability in Nigeria, to identify the problems, challenges and prospects of the internet service sector, to find out the determinant factors that affect the expansion (growth) of the sector, to look at the reason why Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are failing in Nigeria, and to examine the contemporary positions and challenges faced by the ISPs in Nigeria and the nature of how they have continued to serve as obstacles to their survivability.

Download: pdf Study on the Challenges and Survivability of ISP Licensees in the Nigerian Telecom Sector (1.62 MB)